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03 April 2007 @ 03:44 pm
I'm here to advertize a roleplaying community that I'm trying to get started. The RP is losely based off the story line of the Castlevania video game series and history's Vlad Tepes. There are a lot of unique character positions available as well as character classes. We're open to original characters and we accept Role players of all skill levels. If you enjoy RPing historical battles, lobbying and scheming for power or dark fantasy, you'll feel at home here.

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27 November 2005 @ 12:09 am
I sold my soul to the devil and now hes looking for an advance
I dont mind the hopeless death of humanity or the constant wanton carnage and destruction or the uselessness that comes with being a human in this pitiful place but to endure this retched smell is hardly worth the pain I'm pushing into you.

I've grown so tired of this place, i have seen other worlds in dreams and wish nothing else but that I should die. I hate this wretched place. How I would love to tear you all asunder in one fell swoop but the sad thing is i need every last one of you.
For food, for enjoyment, its ironic really how i need you all so much to breed and spawn more of you little things when i hate the very sight of you so very much. I hate the very thought of feeding off of all you little pathetic creatures, But rats are nowhere near as delectable as they used to be.
yes i realize that once I was one you little rotting bags of flesh. quivering for the next meal or that next little hole and i know the same addiction you have i also have but I am not my hunger I am more than just an addiction, more than just my hate or for that matter my survival.
The blood that runs through these veins has no beginning or end the blood that I have is something that was given to me by something deeper than this putrid world. At the same time if i could rid myself of it I would do just that. I know that I am just a "vampire" just as you are just an addiction.

Not Finished
30 November 2005 @ 01:41 pm
When the soldier is traveling along with the vampire I want him to notice how much more beatiful the world is without humans. in there conversations the vampire should illustrate that humans are a plague and that they destroy everything around them with disregard to the consesqeunces in life. And after awhile i want to him to enjoy the beaty of the world around him and want him to question whether or not he should help rid the world of the undead and whatever great power that controls them becuase although the undead are harmful to people they hurt nothing else, animals and plants are fine and they are in tune with nature becuase when they do die they become a part of the land again and all things around them florish while as humans will eventually destroy the world. he should dispize mankind as much as the vampire and the girl should not be aware of these feelings up until a certain part in the game when she also realizes what they are doing.
i cacciatori dei morti
the hunters of the dead

Campi rossi infiniti
Endless Red Fields

Penombra e luce del giorno
Twilight and daylight

En français:
La promesse des morts
the promise of the dead

Le cauchemar des vampires
the nightmare of the undead

In italiano:
il giuramento dei tre
the Oath of the Three

Giuramenti fatti nell'anima
Oaths made in blood


Il castello nel cielo
the castle in the sky

catene ed anima
Chains and blood

Sotto il mare infinito
under the endless sea

S'est levé parmi les morts
The rose among the dead

Les morts et se sont levés
the dead and the rose
30 November 2005 @ 12:48 pm
A soldier is kicked out the army of the great wall. he now defends a small outpost with a group of others. when a vampire comes to this outpost and is captured this vampire tells him that the end of man would be coming soon unless the soldier will help him. after not really understanding or trusting the vampire he makes a blood pact that he will help the vampire and protect him during the day when he is weakened and the vampire will stave off most of the undead during the night. the outpost is destroyed and the vampire realizes that although he had some control over the undead he doesnt now. so the only way for this vampire to survive is to make this soldier a familiar.
they come across a caravan of holy men that are making a pilgramige from the great wall to Trigaea to find any survivors along the way. recognizing that the soldier is riding with a vampire they attack them both but are then attacked by undead in turn. The two stay and fight but then realize that after the fight all the caravan died. While looking through the things of the caravan they find a strange box, the vampire could feel it pulsating with a certain evil foreboding. he tells the soldier that they should carry it with them as they make there way to trigaea.
The vampire tells the soldier that in this carefully disregarded and normal looking box is filled with the malice of An ancient thing. what exactly it is he cant say but nonetheless is very important to them. Along there way to trigaea the vampire teaches the soldier about fighting, hunting and the undead. He tells the soldier that the undead are a lesser kindred to a vampire, that they are a product of vampires. where and who they came from is something he doesnt understand but knows that they for the most part come from one source, and that same source is also the the same evil in that box.
when the soldier asks why the vampire wants to save the world the vampire replies that "these things are just cattle and sheep and there are fewer and fewer sheep for the wolf to feast on. and one day there will be none for the cubs of the wolf to eat and then they will all die"
Coming down a great abandoned highway they find a burnt caravan and a single survivor. she has black hair and blue eyes bronze skin and has a whip she grasps to her for dear life. She stands alone around dead bodies breathing heavily. She looks up at the strange two coming at her and screams and then passes out. they look at each other and then walk over to her.
Chapter 2 begins
28 November 2005 @ 08:14 pm
ACT IIISCENE II A room in Titus's house. A banquet set out.
Enter TITUS, MARCUS, LAVINIA and Young LUCIUS, a boy
TITUS ANDRONICUS So, so; now sit: and look you eat no more
Than will preserve just so much strength in us
As will revenge these bitter woes of ours.
Marcus, unknit that sorrow-wreathen knot: 5
Thy niece and I, poor creatures, want our hands,
And cannot passionate our tenfold grief
With folded arms. This poor right hand of mine
Is left to tyrannize upon my breast;
Who, when my heart, all mad with misery, 10
Beats in this hollow prison of my flesh,
Then thus I thump it down.
Thou map of woe, that thus dost talk in signs!
When thy poor heart beats with outrageous beating,
Thou canst not strike it thus to make it still. 15
Wound it with sighing, girl, kill it with groans;
Or get some little knife between thy teeth,
And just against thy heart make thou a hole;
That all the tears that thy poor eyes let fall
May run into that sink, and soaking in 20
Drown the lamenting fool in sea-salt tears.
MARCUS ANDRONICUS Fie, brother, fie! teach her not thus to lay
Such violent hands upon her tender life.
TITUS ANDRONICUS How now! has sorrow made thee dote already?
Why, Marcus, no man should be mad but I. 25
What violent hands can she lay on her life?
Ah, wherefore dost thou urge the name of hands;
To bid AEneas tell the tale twice o'er,
How Troy was burnt and he made miserable?
O, handle not the theme, to talk of hands, 30
Lest we remember still that we have none.
Fie, fie, how franticly I square my talk,
As if we should forget we had no hands,
If Marcus did not name the word of hands!
Come, let's fall to; and, gentle girl, eat this: 35
Here is no drink! Hark, Marcus, what she says;
I can interpret all her martyr'd signs;
She says she drinks no other drink but tears,
Brew'd with her sorrow, mesh'd upon her cheeks:
Speechless complainer, I will learn thy thought; 40
In thy dumb action will I be as perfect
As begging hermits in their holy prayers:
Thou shalt not sigh, nor hold thy stumps to heaven,
Nor wink, nor nod, nor kneel, nor make a sign,
But I of these will wrest an alphabet 45
And by still practise learn to know thy meaning.
Young LUCIUS Good grandsire, leave these bitter deep laments:
Make my aunt merry with some pleasing tale.
MARCUS ANDRONICUS Alas, the tender boy, in passion moved,
Doth weep to see his grandsire's heaviness. 50
TITUS ANDRONICUS Peace, tender sapling; thou art made of tears,
And tears will quickly melt thy life away.
MARCUS strikes the dish with a knife
What dost thou strike at, Marcus, with thy knife?
MARCUS ANDRONICUS At that that I have kill'd, my lord; a fly.
TITUS ANDRONICUS Out on thee, murderer! thou kill'st my heart; 55
Mine eyes are cloy'd with view of tyranny:
A deed of death done on the innocent
Becomes not Titus' brother: get thee gone:
I see thou art not for my company.
MARCUS ANDRONICUS Alas, my lord, I have but kill'd a fly. 60
TITUS ANDRONICUS But how, if that fly had a father and mother?
How would he hang his slender gilded wings,
And buzz lamenting doings in the air!
Poor harmless fly,
That, with his pretty buzzing melody, 65
Came here to make us merry! and thou hast
kill'd him.
MARCUS ANDRONICUS Pardon me, sir; it was a black ill-favor'd fly,
Like to the empress' Moor; therefore I kill'd him.
Then pardon me for reprehending thee,
For thou hast done a charitable deed.
Give me thy knife, I will insult on him;
Flattering myself, as if it were the Moor
Come hither purposely to poison me.-- 75
There's for thyself, and that's for Tamora.
Ah, sirrah!
Yet, I think, we are not brought so low,
But that between us we can kill a fly
That comes in likeness of a coal-black Moor. 80
MARCUS ANDRONICUS Alas, poor man! grief has so wrought on him,
He takes false shadows for true substances.
TITUS ANDRONICUS Come, take away. Lavinia, go with me:
I'll to thy closet; and go read with thee
Sad stories chanced in the times of old. 85
Come, boy, and go with me: thy sight is young,
And thou shalt read when mine begin to dazzle.
From Amanda Mabillard,
Your Guide to Shakespeare.
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28 November 2005 @ 02:52 pm
Note: im calling them undead becuase in dialog i dont want to use the word "zombie"

Main Character= MC

the world was at one point bueatiful
men walked the earth calmly
children could play without walls and fences surrounding them
and no real war had come about in the world for over a generation
But then one day rumours began to spread,
a city or two had problems with riots and people acting violently
most pushed these rumours out of their heads stating that it was nonsense
but then they heard these rumours more often and people started to panic
Then one day supplies from the great city of Trigaea just stopped
and the cities around the continent began to shut themselves away
less and less people were traveling and few words came from the outside world
to small towns this was ordinary, elders talked of depression, young men talked of war and children played happily
so towns across the continent sent out townspeoples to the holy city of
the Great Wall.
And so most poeple waited for their return
until they noticed that their people started to act strangly as well
many people became deathly ill and would cry from sickness for days
then their hearts would stop beating
and they would awaken again with such a dull look in their eyes
Frightened most poeple would run away in horror from this sight
For the dead began to walk
they began to eat the flesh of the living
And only the flesh of the people
now all across the world, cities had fallen, most of the people of the world were dead
but for some reason the city of the great wall had remained intact, though now vacant
no undead would enter into the city itself but populated the area around the city more than anywhere else in the continent.
So people flocked there and built a new empire
most died coming and most knew that if they got there it would be the last chance for peace they would ever have

Chapter 1: the beginning of the end

Its snowing over an open field at night. lights shine in the distance over a mile away. Five men are running with guns and stoping to shoot back. They act like military but are dressed in torn black clothing . one man shoots, four run by for twenty yards and another stops and kneels down to start firing.



Sargent. don't waste your bullets lets keep going we'll make it to the truck as soon as we clear the field.


They keep running forward. A flash of an image is shown of undead as they walk steadily toward the group coming at them.

first soldier
Sargent! 12oclock!

Shit! "MC" take rear. liutent stay between my men and I. everyone: charge.

note: they charge becuase if they went around them there is a chance of being attacked from either side

They charge at the group of undead. No one screams or yells out a battlecry because that would alert even more of them. there is about thirty with various types of disfigurements as an undead would have. they get through about ten of them and then they are surrounded. they fight them off with guns bayonets and one handed hatchets. They get through another five when they realized that the other undead had cuaght up with them. the sargent looks at the liutenant and them looks at the thing he is cradling to his chest and then continues to fight.

second soldier:
help! dear god help me!

five undead group around the soldier as they bite into his arms and then bring him to the ground.

Goddammit. Liutentant get in the middle, Everyone press forward!

off in the distance a figure stands 50 yards away, close up of his mouth smiling, and a quiet exhale of air like you would think a spirit would sound leaving a body. you know what im talking about right?

They run forward and begin making their way through, the sargent at the rear. They get through the horde when the others realize that the sargent is still back there cutting through the head of an undead. when another bites him in the arm and another crawls and bites his leg.

Goddammit ! go!


MC pulls out gun and starts running back shooting at the undead surrounding the sargent. The sargent struggles and gets out his sidearm and puts it to his head.

Run you fucking idiot.

The sargent pulls the trigger and kills himself.

then fade to black.
28 November 2005 @ 02:15 pm
Since the beginning, CastleVania has been a blending of the classic horror movies, by putting Count Dracula at the head of the pack, and having other monsters serve as bosses (Frankenstein, The Mummy Man, etc.) Vampires have been part of lore and legends throughout history. However, they were first made popular through Bram Stoker's Dracula, written in 1897. Yet how well does Bram Stoker's story fit into the CastleVania lineage?

Please note that the Castlevania timeline is very inconsistent. There are a few loop holes - for one, the American Castlevania 3 instruction manual specifically states that Trevor's adventures take place 100 years before Simon's, whereas the official Japanese version has Christopher (and the Gameboy titles) following Trevor's Adventure. This was likely a mistranslation, however. Also, the resurrection dates are not always exactly 100 years, but this can be acceptable. This official timeline was previously found at Konami Japan's Castlevania page, which has since been dismantled, for whatever reason. Similarly, some games (like the Nintendo 64 games, Castlevania Legends and Circle of the Moon) have been taken out of the official timeline for reasons that aren't entirely apparent. They are included here to give the full story of the series.

There's also some confusion about the games featuring Simon Belmont. For all intents of purpose, the MSX Vampire Killer, NES Castlevania, SNES Super Castlevania IV, arcade Haunted Castle and X68000/PSX Castlevania Chronicles are just different versions of the same story. They also all have the same name in Japan (simply Akumajou Dracula.) Therefore, they are counted as one. The only real difference between any of them is that Haunted Castle has the unnamed main character fighting to save his newly-wed wife (called Selena on a Japanese fansite, though who knows how canon that is) from Dracula. Similarly, both the PC Engine and SNES Dracula X are considered the same game.

By nature, vampires must have blood from others to survive. Vampires often make victims drink blood from their veins, thus infecting them. When they die, then that person would come back to life as a vampire. Vampires can only come out at night, as they are much weaker in daylight (as they cannot use many of their powers.) Unlike many vampire movies and novels, vampires do not burn into ash at sunlight. Garlic and crosses repell them, while holy water can inflict burns on vampires. Although they remain primarily in human form, they can also turn into a bat, a wolf, or turn into mist to float around freely.

In all of the CastleVania games, the hero kills Dracula simply with their whip. This does not normally seem possible. In the lore it is said that, first, a stake must be driven into the heart of the vampire. Then, there are two methods to make sure that the vampire stays dead: (1) cut off the vampire's head, stuff the mouth with garlic and put it face down, or (2) throw the vampire, in its coffin, and sink it to the bottom of a body of water. However, the Vampire Killer whip is blessed with a special power that lets the Belmonts destroy the creatures of the night.

The beginning of the Belmont conflict against Count Dracula seems to begin with Leon Belmont in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. The Belmonts were continually called to use their superhuman abilities and hard trained skills for the side of Good. When Count Dracula and his army of darkness began to cast a shadow over all of Europe, a Belmont was never far. The Belmont Clan would have their mettle tested many times, and always prevail. Their stories are told with you, the player, as their guide.

1094 - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
It is the time of the crusaders, and our story focuses on Leon Belmont, hero of the knighthood. One dark day, his fiance Sara is kidnapped. His friend, bedridden Mathias Cronqvist, tells Leon that his lady has been taken away by a vampire named Walter, who lives in the forest known as Eternal Night and possesor of the legendary artifact known as the Crimson Stone. Unable to convince the church to lend him aid, he gives up his sword and his title to find Sara himself. Upon entering the evil forest, Leon comes across a mysterious old man named Rinaldo, who bequethes to Leon a whip enchanted with the power of alchemy.

After making his way to the final chambers, Leon rescues Sara, only to discover that she has been tainted by the vampire, and is doomed. Unable to reverse her cruel fate, Sara sacrifices herself to let her soul be entwined with the alchemy whip, creating the legendary weapon known as the Vampire Killer. This enchanted whip can destroy the power of Walter, and Leon takes revenge for the death of his beloved. After defeating the evil vampire, the true nature of the plot is revealed - the kidnapping of Sara was all orchestrated by Mathias. Angry at God for the death of his wife, Mathias sold his soul and embraced the side of the vampire - he used Leon to kill Walter so he could claim the holy artifact, the Ebony Stone, as his own. Mathias then flees, hiding out in other countries under assumed names, slowly working in the underworld and emerging to become Dracula, Lord of the Vampires. Leon swears that, until the time, the Belmont clan will hunt him dead.

1450 - Castlevania: Legends

Several hundred years after Leon first encounters Dracula, you will find Sonia Belmont. Perhaps thinking the Belmont clan is long extinct, Dracula comes out of hiding and sets out to cover the world in darkness. What he didn't know was that a descendent of Leon still existed - Sonia Belmont, who happened to be aquainted with his long delinquent son Alucard. She was successful in defeating Dracula, but her powers were so strong that the people of Romania feared her, and thus had the Belmonts exiled from the land of Translyvania. However, at the end of the game, Sonia gives birth to a baby - quite possibly, this is Trevor, Alucard's lovechild.

1476 - Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
Next in the line of active Vampire Hunters was Trevor Belmont. He was called to action when Dracula was prematurly risen by some of his followers (whom he promptly slaughtered and sacrificed for thier services). The Count now had two purposes, to cover the world in darkness, and to destroy the Belmont family once and for all. Trevor, had the help of three brave fighters: Grant DaNasty, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, son of Dracula. With their help, they managed to lay Dracula to rest Trevor was also victorious at gaining the trust of Romania, which became once again home to the Belmonts.

1576 - The Castlevania Adventure
Dracula rises from his hundred year hibernation, sure that his plan had worked and that he no longer had to fear the Belmont family. He was dead wrong. Christopher Belmont set forth to prove this to him. During the confrontation with Christopher, Dracula felt it would be better to turn tail and run. He would not stand a chance against a Belmont, so he searched for some leverage.

1591 - Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge
Fifteen years later, Dracula found Christopher's son, Soleiyu. He kidnapped Soleiyu, forcing Christopher to be more careful in his second battle with Drac, for one mistake and Dracula would have Soleiyu killed. Christopher found and rescued Soleiyu, who had be brainwashed by the forces of evil, and set forth to destroy the Count with raging fury.

1691 - Castlevania

Another hundred years passed, and Dracula rose from his sleep with a plan. If he was defeated again, he would not sleep alone! He began reaking havok and quickly drew the attention of a new Belmont. Simon was the great-grandson of Christopher, and had been trained with the experience of two great Vampire Hunters before him. However, all the training he had would not prepare him for what Dracula had planned. Simon made it to Dracula with all the skill of a warrior, and promptly slayed him.

1698 - Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
Simon thought that his torments were over when he defeated Dracula. What did not know was Dracula had placed a curse on him before their battle had ended, and slowly Simon would fall ill and die. One of the village elders told him that the only way to break the curse was to resurrect Dracula and burn him. Simon would need the Count's body parts to do this, and the Count knew it. The Count had previously ordered his followers to scatter his body and guard it's pieces with their lives. He knew that he'd be sacrificing an early resurrection, but it was worth it to him. He would sleep his hundred years, and when he awoke, Simon would be long dead and the Belmont family lineage with him. Simon set forth to gather Drac's parts. He resurrected the Count and burned him, lifting the curse.

1748 - Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Lydie Erlanger, Transylvanian youth, has been kidnapped and brought into the mysterious castle in the fog. Her friend, Juste Belmont (grandson of Simon) and Maxim Kischine, must enter the once again and slay the forces within. Once inside, Maxim begins to act funny - in his jealousy, could he be conspiring against the Belmonts? It is discovered that Maxim tried to recover the body parts of Dracula burned by Simon in order to prove his worth as a Vampire Hunter, ended up being possessed by Dracula, and kidnapped Lydie so he could resurrect once again. In spite of this obstacle, Juste puts a stop to all of these plans, and the world is safe again.

1792 - Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Once again, Count Dracula comes back to the mortal plane and he awakens having learned a small lesson from his last endevor. This time he learned of a Belmont named Richter. He observed Richter for a while and learned that he had a girlfriend, Annette Renard, and several friends in the village. His time act was now. He kidnapped Annette, her sister Maria, and a few other villagers. Richter set forth on his long journey, not knowing if things would turn out for the better. However, when Richter rescued Maria, she swore she would become a vampire hunter too, and joined the Belmont on his quest. Together they freed all of the captives, and slayed Dracula yet again.

1797 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Four years after Richter's battle with the Count, darkness came yet again. A Dark Priest named Shaft, was hungry for ultimate power and thought he could achieve this with the help of Dracula. He set forth to resurrect Drac yet again, but first he would remove a major obstacle in his path, Richter Belmont. He placed a spell upon Richter and actually managed to get him to side with evil. This large shift in power caused Alucard to awaken from his slumber - the same Alucard who had purposefully put himself to sleep in hope of ridding existence of his cursed bloodline. Now Shaft had to be stopped to prevent all of mankind from being extinguished. During the raid of the newly appeared castle, he crosss paths with Maria several times, who is also searching to investigate the appearance of Richter.

As it turns out, the Belmont has been possessed by Shaft to rule the castle. After breaking this curse, Alucard enters the Inverted Castle, a bizarre world where everything is turned upside down. He seeks down Shaft, defeats him, and faces off against his father once more. When victory has been taken, he swears to sleep yet again.

1830 - Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
The dark priestess Carmilla seeks the return of her master, Lord Dracula. Using the life power of the captured vampire hunter Morris Baldwin, two young disciples, Hugh Baldwin and Nathan Graves, must not only save him but stop yet another resurrection of the evil lord Dracula. Hugh, envious of Nathan's skills, is weak against the evil powers of the castle and turns against Nathan. But in the end, Carmilla is defeated and Dracula is destroy yet again.

1844 - Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Through the necromancy of his followers, Dracula is once drawn back into land of the living earlier than usual. However, his body is not fully regenerated. After destroying local villages, he begins to kidnap children, looking for a suitable soul. It is then when man-beast Cornell steps in and attempts to stop this plan, for his adopted sister Ada is one of those captured. Although he saves his sister, he is not entirely successful in destroying the Count.

1852 - Castlevania 64
Eight years down the road, a man of Belmont lineage named Reinhart Schneider, and a small girl, descendent of Sypha named Carrie Fernandez, continue to investigate the missing children from the local village. All signs point to Castlevania. They discover a frightened child named Malus, whom they attempt to help out of the castle, only to learn that this young one is actually harboring the soul of Dracula within him. In Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, you also play as a gun-wielding knight named Henry, one of the children Cornell freed several years prior, to rescue other village kids that are still remaining.

As documented in Bram Stoker's Dracula, it was in 1897 that Dracula rose again, by unknown means, and had Jonathan Harker as his guest. In a final showdown, Quincey Morris and Jonathan Harker dug a knife into the chest of the sleeping Dracula. Quincey, however, did not survive the gash inflicted by gypsies under the influence of the Count's hyponotism. Although the book does not mention this, Quincey's son, John, was hiding in the background, and had witnessed the whole event. It is also not mentioned that Quincey was a member of the Belmont family lineage. Logically, this is improbable...there is no way a little two year old (since John was born in 1895) could follow his father across the countryside to Romania to witness the final battle. And Quincey must be a widow, since he tried to court Lucy early in the novel.

1914 - Castlevania Bloodlines
Not long later, a witch practicing black magic accidentally resurrected Elizabeth Bartley, one who was tried and convicted of being a vampire years before. She was, in fact, the niece of the Count Dracula, and decided to try to raise her uncle. John Morris is joined by this companion Eric Lecarde, who seeks vengeance against Bartley for killing his wife. Both knew that they had to stop Bartley and Dracula once again.

2035 - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Dracula was resurrected in the year 1999, but a brave group of warriors sealed the evil lord and his castle in an eclipse, in what is known as the "Demon Castle Wars". Thirty six years later, in Japan, high school student Soma Cruz and his friend Mina Hakuba enter into a shrine, only to emerge inside Castlevania. There they encounter Graham Jones, a cult leader who looks to assume the power of Dracula for his own. They are helped by a mysterious man named Genya Arikado, who is not-so-subtly alluded to as being Alucard in disguise. Soma soon learns that the soul of Dracula lies within him, and he must confront the chaos within his psyche to not only save the world, but save himself from eternal darkness.
24 October 2005 @ 11:18 am
Gmork the vampire was reborn both fair and strong but soon after his rebirth his lust for power grew. Believing himself to be above all others in his coven, he took the life of his patriarch and assumed this role. His new coven was not pleased upon finding the body of their father and decided they would exact revenge upon their new master.
But before they could in fact harm him they would have to show no hatred for him and had to assume the roles of willing servants.
So for a very long time they waited, they waited in the light where he could see them all perfectly and even after he culled the weak ones and tortured the strong ones until they broke, they still waited and showed only love for their partriarch
So for many years they worshipped him out of fear and waited till there strength had grown enough, and finally one day it had happened. Plots were formulated, sacrifices were made and they had finally realized all plans.
Then one night at dusk gmork awoke from his deepest of sleeps with his children all standing around him. Shocked and angered he arose and demanded to know what they were doing standing above him.
Much to his delight he had found out they prepared for him a bountiful feast (being that it was the day of his rebirth.) In the great dining room they had prepared for him aristocrats, children and murderers, and that they didnt want for him to find out so they had all been working in secret for many days just to find all the nessecary ingredients.
Gmork (being thrilled to hear this) walked briskly to the dining room with all his children walking behind him smiling at one another.
He opened the great doors that doubled the size of a man to the dining hall and truly there was a great feast in front of him, all chained to each other in silver cages shivering with fear except one, who had such anger in his face that he could not hide it even if he wanted too.
smiling he turned back to his children and was prepared to praise them all when he had noticed that not one had a single smile in their faces. (his quickly left him )
They in fact were not happy at all, and when he called his most trusted of servants they did not call back instead the group stepped aside and threw there dead bodies and decapitated heads on the floor.
Now they were smiling.
in a rage he lunged at them but was repelled back by swords and holy water.
they attacked him and four had to attach themselves to each leg just to keep him from coming loose. They tore at his skin they cut at his limbs and chest and made ungoddly sounds as they did.
having no hope Gmork went into a rage and changed himself into a greater form of a wolf.
He began to break free and struck done those who had made themselves onto his limbs he tore skin and bone and tooth, but to no avail for those chained werent really chained at all save one. so they lunged at him with holy water and swords as well. One prisoner (a priest) ran at him and poured holy water onto the blade of a sword and pushed the blade into gmork as slowly and roughly as the situation would allow him. searing flesh, bone and all organs alike. as likewise so did the others and when the fight was over, it had taken a moment and in that moment many had died and many were wounded.
Gmork laid helplessly on the ground wriathing in pain. The fur on his skin was melting and burning away. he was frightened.
javert one who had fooled gmork flawlessly from the moment he had seen him spat blood in gmorks face. he then kneeled down beside gmork and smiled again.
He started twisting the blade and stared gmork in the eyes as he had done so.
The vampire priest walked slowly to gmork laying there and took a cross pushed it onto gmorks chest. Where it also began to burn and singe all the hair off gmorks chest until finally he lifted it, for gmork was dead.
They buried his body underneath a brick road where he would hear even in death the heartbeat of all the living around him and curse them for having one.
In time gmorks heart beat again too but that is another story.